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Photo by E H on unsplash

One of the most characteristic places of popular Catania is the fish market of the Pescheria always glowing with colors, voices and smells. Another characteristic place is the market in piazza Carlo Alberto, better known as Fera ‘or Luni, whose etymological root has often been questioned. The most common hypothesis is that it stands for “Monday Fair” because the market was probably originally supposed to be active only for that weekly date. In the same square every Sunday an important flea market was held, moved near the main entrance of the city port.

A “bric-à-brac” market is open on Sundays under the arches of the “marina” near the Villa Pacini. Another very popular market is the one that takes place on Fridays in Piazza I Viceré in the northern Canalicchio district. A no less important resource concerns the local markets of Catania.

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