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Who I am

I was born in Rome, I'm a professional journalist, I write and review books

Donne in... e dentro la storia

La vera dimenticanza

Personaggi alla ricerca della pistola fumante

Un amore di poesia


Halloween is the day for which we are reminded that we live in a corner of light where darkness is what we do not know


Ferragosto is a public holiday celebrated throughout Italy on August 15th. It coincides with the holiday period at barbeques and bonfires. Festivity that is celebrated in ancient Rome.

St. Peter and Paul

St. Peter and Paul is a liturgical feast in honor of the martyrdom in Rome of the two apostles that is observed on June 29. The date is

Silvio Berlusconi

“I deserved the success, like Franco Baresi who made his billions playing as a great defender.” Silvio Berlusconi