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Who I am

I was born in Rome, I'm a professional journalist, I write and review books

Donne in... e dentro la storia

La vera dimenticanza

Personaggi alla ricerca della pistola fumante

Un amore di poesia

Mother’s Day 2024

The child calls his mother and asks, “Where did I come from? Where did you pick me up?” The mother listens, cries and smiles as she holds her

May Day 2024

Life has two precious gifts: beauty and truth. The first I found in the heart of those who love and the second in the hand of those who

Easter Monday 2024

Finally a Monday that we can’t complain about. Happy Easter Monday!

Easter 2024

Easter is the symbol of Renewal, Joy and Rebirth on this special day for everyone, I wish you to turn your dreams into a splendid reality, to smile