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Alexandra’s diary

The Italian Republic Day is held on 2 June. The Italian flag is made up of 3 colors: green like the hope of a better world, white like the purity of purpose, red like the blood shed by our heroes. The Constitution is the foundation of the Republic. One of the offenses against the Constitution is indifference to politics. An Italian died everywhere to redeem freedom and dignity. Go there… Read More »2 june Republic day

2 june Republic day

The mother is a fundamental figure in the life of all of us. However, it is often difficult to express our feelings. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to also dedicate sentences full of love to thank her for the unconditional love that she shows us every day! Happy birthday mum!!!

Mother’s day

I would like to wish everyone a happy Easter, which renews hope in hearts and allows those who have long lost it to find a smile again. Easter is the time to be sure that all is forgiven. The enchantment of Easter opens up the mystery of rebirth. Easter is a time for all of you to discover the true essence of love and being loved. CONGRATULATIONS!!!


We could begin by saying that equality between men and women is certainly based on the fundamental principle of the equality of all human beings, implying the questioning of the affirmation, anchored in the law, according to which there is both a natural difference between man and woman and a justification for a difference in treatment. This aims to improve the condition of women on a constitutional level, in terms… Read More »Men and women

Men and women

Fear is a primary emotion, which unites both mankind and the animal species. It is caused by a situation of real danger, or anticipated by the forecast, due to memory or produced by fantasy. It is often accompanied by an organic type reaction, in which the autonomic nervous system is responsible, which prepares the organism for the emergency situation, even if in a non-specific way, by learning the defenses that… Read More »Fear


The concept of life is susceptible to various determinations with respect to society, the profession, the external way of living and the means available to moral conduct often implies the idea of ​​extreme discomfort, often with specific reference to prostitution or the idea of ​​misery, vice and violence. The personality is multifaceted, always, even when his knowledge, skills and interests are limited. Obviously, the personality is always made up of… Read More »Life


Sport is the set of motor activities that engage the psychophysical abilities of the athlete, who plays a discipline for amateur or professional purposes. Sport is the performance of physical activity for amateur or professional purposes, but it is also entertainment, which allows young people to be educated through the values ​​and principles that are the basis of this form of entertainment. Sport has the ability to transmit values ​​such… Read More »Sport


The family is a social nucleus represented by two or more individuals who live or not in the same house and, as a rule, are united by kinship and / or affinity relationships. The family, to be such, must not be a friend of closure, otherwise one falls into familism, bearing in mind that the conception of a child is already the result of an opening. The family is community,… Read More »The family

The family