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Alexandra’s diary

Ferragosto is a public holiday celebrated throughout Italy on August 15th. It coincides with the holiday period at barbeques and bonfires. Festivity that is celebrated in ancient Rome. Ferragosto marks the peak of the summer holidays. Especially in coastal cities, fireworks displays are held. This holiday is also celebrated in Spain and Greece.


St. Peter and Paul is a liturgical feast in honor of the martyrdom in Rome of the two apostles that is observed on June 29. The date is the anniversary of their death and the translation of their relics.

St. Peter and Paul

Liberation Day is celebrated every year on April 25, when the liberation of Italy from the fascist government and the Nazi occupation of the country is commemorated. The Feast of April 25, during which obviously no work, is also known as the Anniversary of the Resistance, a holiday also dedicated to the value of the partisans of every front who, starting from 1943, contributed to the liberation of the country.

Liberation day

With this new year you can make the most beautiful and articulated journey ever, the one towards your destiny!!! HAPPY 2023!!!

New Year 2023