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Being a woman. This expression summarizes many aspects of the female universe. He has dreams locked away, he believes in love, in love at first sight. The woman’s universe is a treasure to be discovered. The woman lives on spirituality and interiority. Being a woman is planning today, it is planning this day, the one you are experiencing NOW. We are aware that tomorrow will not be the same as today and therefore you will have to plan because the future does not depend on us.

What does “Being a woman” mean. And why is today different from the past? The woman is not just a woman and that’s it. She is a mother, wife, daughter, friend, partner. All this, in one person. But our heart is and will always remain the same.

Is the female body mass-mediated?

What was a woman’s body like in the past? And how is it now? In this transition between past and present, the mass media play a crucial role. On television, as well as in advertising, an ideal type of woman is presented, almost utopian characterized by: an unattainable thinness and beauty, and last but not least, reduced to a mere object of decoration in front of cameras and photographic lenses. Self-awareness, different from these standards, leads the woman towards states of anxiety, shame and obsessive control of her own body. The web is full of photos of women, endowed with a perfect physique, accompanied by provocative poses, and surgically modified bodies.

Woman in herself is a greatness of Nature. She was the inspiring muse of various artists, sculptors, poets, directors. The extraordinary intellectual grandeur and physical kindness of the woman make her a supernatural / surreal entity. Two entities live in her: the first is the mind, the second is precisely her body. The woman’s mind appears like that hidden part of the iceberg, while the body is the tip, the one we can all see, her business card for interacting with the world. And how did the Net react?

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