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A song is a musical composition that has a melody, a rhythm, lyrics and the accompaniment of musical instruments, so that it can be performed by one or more singers.

The word song comes from the Latin cantio, which means everything that can be sung.

Typically, songs can be sung by one or more singers, so they can also be performed by groups of singers such as a duet, trio or multiple singers, such as choral groups or musical groups.

Songs are considered musical works because during their creation it is necessary to have inspiration, to allocate time for their composition, knowledge and passion for music.

The lyrics of the songs must convey the messages desired by those who write them and those who interpret them, so it is considered as an artistic expression that man created and achieved during his human development.

There are different types of songs based on their musical composition, which is characterized by being a set of verses, as well as in poems, which maintain a sonorous rhythm and send a message, whether of love, friendship, sadness, joy or criticism, among many other topics.

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