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The term religion derives from the Latin language and scholars have given two definitions of its meaning: there are those who claim that Religion derives from the verb re-legere that is to collect, while there are those who argue that it derives from the verb re-ligare which it means to tie together.
In the first case we want to indicate the set of prayers, rites, customs and laws of a religion. In the second case we want to express the purpose of every religion which is to unite men to the divine world.

Having said this, let’s try to illustrate the various forms of religion that began in ancient times. First of all, we find natural religion which is defined in this way because man recognizes the existence of something superior to him and, thinking of meeting it in the forces of nature, submits his life to the adoration and veneration of these forces.

The supernatural religion that identifies divinity with a being superior to nature, who is considered, creator, father and judge of the actions of men, and who lives in an otherworldly dimension.

We are faced with a revealed religion when God seeks man and manifests himself, that is, he removes the “veil” (= revelation) of the mystery that separates him from men, provides answers to the fundamental questions of life, and reveals to each person the its origin and its destiny and shows her the way of goodness and happiness.
Revealed religions are considered: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Religion is said to be polytheistic when one believes in the presence of several divinities.
We remember Hinduism in India and Shintoism in Japan.

Finally, there is the monotheistic religion, that is, one that believes in one God, let us remember that they are: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
With faith, man expresses his love, trust and assent to God.
Each religion is traced back to a founder, to a group of wise people and / or to one or more extraordinary facts, all of which form the sacred history of a religion and a people.
Each religion has signs that summarize an aspect of its doctrine or sacred history (eg the Star of David for the Jews, the cross for Christians, the crescent for Muslims, …).
The fundamental messages and facts of religions are found in texts that are considered sacred by the people and communities who welcome them as divine truths on which to base their existence.

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