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Play is first of all a child’s right, a playful, enjoyable, essential activity that contributes to the construction of subjectivity.

Along the arc of the complex process of establishing identity, one of the privileged tools is precisely the game and, at the beginning in particular, the body, sensorimotor and symbolic game, the different levels of which allow the implementation and domination of motor skills, the structuring of space, the progressive knowledge and understanding of reality and, at the same time, the expression of oneself together with the elaboration and symbolization of desires, fears, potentials and unconscious fantasies.

In this stage, autonomous games become essential for the child, linked to a first level: their axis is sensorimotricity, the pleasure of movement, the pleasure of discovery and the appropriation of the body; starting from all this they influence the organization, the structuring of the body and of oneself, the deconstruction and restructuring of the body scheme and image.

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