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Doesn’t everyone have the ability to understand why music is so special?

Music is a language, it is communication and it is art. Unlike a normal language, however, music has the characteristic of being universal, it can be listened to by anyone and is able to convey countless emotions and sensations.

Music is the first and only universal language.

If we take a look around us, we are able to perfectly understand that we are surrounded by daily sounds and noises: a falling drop, the cry of a child, the waves of the sea. Music is special because it is able to unite different populations, it is able to cheer and comfort. Regardless of the musical genres you listen to, music also helps us to create our own identity, from rock to pop, from opera to popular song, every single genre unites people with the same characteristics.

Music is nothing more than a set of sounds organized over time, but it is also feeling, it is anger, it is pain, it is sadness and it can become anything else we want.

Listening to music is one of the actions that is done automatically every day, perhaps in the car, on the train, during a jog in the park, but fortunately few are able to really hear the music inside them. Each genre is able to shape, it can produce different effects on our mind, it can make us cry and then smile, relax or make us nervous, just like a friend, yet music will always remain something intangible, which in fact is not explainable and makes no sense. , simply because it has existed since the dawn of the Earth and has an immense power that makes those who are able to grasp it serene.

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