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There was a time when the weekend lasted only one day: the time to sanctify the holidays, as per the religious commandment. And for some it still is, although the idea that the weekend lasts two days is now accepted everywhere. But how did we go from one to two days off per week?

Setting aside one day a week for rest and religious worship is an ancient tradition, traces of which can also be found in the sacred scriptures. Things began to take a different turn in Britain during the 19th century, in the midst of the industrial revolution, when the new masses of industrial workers and industrial workers began to use their day off for pleasure instead of dedicating it. to religious stillness.

Concentrating fun and, often, alcoholic debauchery on a single day of the week ended irremediably affecting work the next day. Many employers have thus begun to leave the Saturday half-day free, as a trade union compromise.

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