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The types of strength, muscle work, muscle tension and the differentiated character of the latter are extraordinarily numerous and are influenced by many factors. Therefore, an explanation aimed at defining the concept of force can only be possible if it is related to these types of manifestations of force.

In principle, it must be established that force, or its various forms of manifestation, can always be treated under the aspect of general and special force.

By general strength, we mean the strength of all muscle groups, regardless of the sport practiced, while by special strength, the form of manifestation of strength typical of a particular sport or its specific muscle correlative (i.e., the muscle groups that participate to a certain sporting movement).

In the various sports, strength is never presented in a “pure”, abstract form, but always in a combination or in mixed forms, more or less nuanced, of the organic-muscular (ie conditional) factors of physical performance.

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