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The actor is an artist who plays a role for theater, cinema, television. The roles covered vary greatly depending on the production: an actor can make a brief appearance in a television series, have a secondary role in a play or be hired to be the protagonist of a film.

The main purpose of the actor is to play a character, to entertain, arouse emotions and tell stories: the representation must be so convincing as to involve the audience in the story being told. The working tools of an actor are his own body and voice: through gestures, facial expressions, body movements, tone of voice and words, the actors are able to give life and depth to the characters they are representing.

The preparation necessary to play a character can be long: for this reason the actors spend most of their time for rehearsals, studying the part to be played in the smallest detail. Part of the study can take place even before getting the role: it is in fact necessary to perform an audition, usually in front of directors, producers and casting directors. Having passed the audition for the role and received the script, the actor then studies the scenes that belong to his character, learning the script by heart, where he is not allowed to improvise. Furthermore, it is also necessary to study the psychological implications of the situation and of the characters, to be able to immerse oneself in the part.

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