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Using words as synonyms for years and then discovering that they have different meanings or uses could come as an unpleasant surprise. In this article we will analyze the nouns day, day and day … are you sure you have always used them in the right way?

The day is made up of the day and the night and lasts for 24 hours. It is the period of the diurnal motion of rotation of the celestial sphere, as well as of the rotational motion of the Earth with respect to the average position of the visible stars.

By the term we mean the time slot in which we are illuminated by sunlight, from sunrise to sunset. It is used both as a form of greeting and in medical prescriptions.

The day as the day, indicates the time interval between sunrise and sunset (therefore evening and night excluded, otherwise we would have had “evening” and “night”).
Only the use of the term changes as it indicates this time interval in relation to the activities (or physical and mental conditions) of those who spend it and the events that occur.

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