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We know a lot about coffee: we know the places where it is produced, the qualities we prefer, the local alternatives such as, for example, the Argentine cortado. But are we sure we know everything about the beloved drink that accompanies us every day from waking up?

For example, not everyone is aware of the origin of the word cappuccino or the word espresso, why Bach or Goldoni loved it so much or what is the best time to consume it. There is no need to despair, let’s recover immediately by revealing these and other curiosities about coffee that most probably do not know!

The cappuccino, on the other hand, has its origin as a word from Italian. Also in this case the real etymology is shrouded in legend. It seems, in fact, that coffee with milk froth was invented by a Capuchin friar, Marco d’Aviano, in 1683 in Vienna.

Another variant of the story handed down that the year of opening of the first café in the Austrian capital, the Italian friar arrived at the court of Emperor Leopold I with the typical light brown cap. To which, for the Austrians, it was impossible not to associate the color of the dress with the drink of Italian origin and, hence, the name cappuccino.

Finally, a third version is that according to which the name of the cappuccino derives from the effect of the white of the milk with the brown of the coffee around it. Do you also remember the bald head surrounded by a ring of hair typical of the Capuchin friars? If the answer is yes, you have found your favorite version of the origin of the word cappuccino.

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