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The balcony, also less commonly called a balcony, is a projection of a building that extends from one of its facades. It is characterized by the presence of a parapet or railing, which have a protection and safety function, but also an aesthetic one.

It is an architectural element added to the main body of the building and, as we said, protrudes from the external wall. Due to its characteristics, it will be able to extend in width along the entire facade – we speak of a balcony -, but obviously it will not be able to extend too far outwards.

The balcony is usually decorated with small to medium-sized elements, such as non-bulky ornamental plants.

The terrace, also known as a terrace, for women, is an open, accessible architectural space, accessory to a building. Its main feature is that it is located within the perimeter of the building itself and, therefore, does not protrude from the facade as is the case with the balcony.

Its dimensions are usually larger than a balcony, with a surface that allows it to be habitable. It is provided with a flooring, even if it is made on the roof of a building, as for some hotels.

It can be uncovered or provide a cover, fixed or mobile, of different types (a tent, a canopy) and which makes it sheltered and usable even in rainy weather conditions. Like the balcony, it has a railing or parapet.

Due to its characteristics, it is usually used for convivial activities, such as parties and social events.

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