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If we go to the origin of the word, to its etymology, we find that it derives from in-different. “In” in this case means negation (for example in words such as in-useful, inappropriate, etc …), therefore “in-difference” is the opposite, the total negation of the difference, is the attitude of those who do not take position between two opposites, of those who do not choose which side to be on.

It is so important, the difference! It is the first step to know. Have you ever thought about it? The outlines of the things that we learn to perceive slowly, since our first arrival in the world are nothing more than a difference between the background and what we then learn to distinguish as a “something”, without this original discontinuity there would be no knowledge.

As we grow, learning to understand differences continually enriches our world; we distinguish different types of objects, foods, feelings, people, relationships between people and the more we distinguish, the more that world becomes complex, rich, interesting. And the more we understand this complexity, the more easily we are able to move within it, to orient ourselves, to become great, to be protagonists.

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