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Cybersecurity?it’s just a matter of bad luck! By Umberto Rapetto

Umberto Rapetto (born 19 August 1959) is an Italian general of the Guardia di Finanza, retired since 2012.
Former student of the Nunziatella military school, brigadier general of the Guardia di Finanza and former commander of the Special Telematic Fraud Unit.
At the end of 2013, after having been strategic advisor to the Executive Chairman, Franco Bernabè, and then – as Group Senior Vice President – Director of Initiatives and Special Projects, he left at the end of 2013 in  divergence with the choices of the new top management.
From 2013 to 2015 he hosted the television show Il Verificatore on Rai2 and in February 2020 he founded the magazine, of which he is editorial director. On 5 July 2022, he resigned from the role.

His latest literary work “Cybersecurity? It’s just a matter of bad luck! (Fingerprints editions) of December 2023.
96 pages to understand that no one has understood what cybersecurity is, mistaking a serious thing for a nice opportunity to organize conferences and in-depth studies where those who know less talk more. Thoughtful statistics and authoritative reports identify a thousand causes at the origin of the increasing number of virtual disasters, but forget the main source of modern misadventures.

Bad luck. In spite of those who attribute the frequent computer incidents to technical problems and also of those who – more courageously – see flaws in the human component of organizations, the text points the finger (or rather – superstitiously – two fingers, index and little finger) against bad luck and negative influences. The book wants to overturn the table and shake the conscience of those who have not yet understood the importance of the problem.

If the “Castigat ridendo mores” is worthwhile, this provocative volume promises to be the best educational opportunity in terms of cybersecurity and the stimulus to address the thorniest issues.

We are well aware of how mysterious and complex the world of digital security is: every day millions of data circulate on the network without us really realizing it. Business data, personal information and news strictly related to a private sphere travel at the speed of bits while everyone lives their daily lives.

How can you protect yourself from all this? Can the damage be limited and is it still possible to maintain one’s privacy in a hyper-connected world? Do we really need to protect ourselves? What are the dangers?
If cybersecurity seems like a difficult topic to you, this book by Umberto Rapetto offers a series of contents ranging from exploration to in-depth analysis.

So don’t worry, even if you haven’t had the opportunity to deal with the topic before, it won’t be so difficult to understand the problems and especially the fact that, directly and indirectly, the issue of cybersecurity closely affects all of us.

The author lets us know more about the “behind the scenes” of the Internet, that magical world in which we are immersed every day and which surrounds us even when we do not realize it. The topic is certainly articulated and if you cannot be an expert, it is nevertheless advisable to gain a knowledge, even minimal, of the dangers and how they can be avoided, in order to experience the Net with tranquility and awareness.

Because after all, as we know, prevention is better than cure. Adopting a series of precautions and strategies can be the most immediate solution to the problem.
Rapetto goes on to outline the fields of application of the latter and possible future developments, also taking into account the legal and mathematical aspects.

The author’s experience in the field is fundamental: his contribution offers a practical approach to the problem and above all to the reader by inserting in the book not only a logical path, but also a series of desirable objectives for verifying the acquisition of knowledge.

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