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“A Day Without a Date” by Francesco Pasqual

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Francesco Pasqual was born in Rome on 8 December 1975. Grow from an early age, he developed a passion for reading and music which will lead him to the study of the violin and the piano. Poetry, philosophy and music will create in the his life is a circle towards the understanding of what binds truly man to his own experience. Participate in numerous competitions where he obtains excellent results.

His poetry collections are welcomed by many juries, which reward, report and deem them worthy publication. He has published several poetic syllogies: “Profilo d’amore” 2017, “Just the time to…” 2019, “What remains are the eyes” 2020, “Around the verse” 2020, “Visions in the Shadow” 2021.

“Like the Sea” 2022. In 2022, his first book of short stories “Origami” was also published, the proceeds of which will then be donated to charity.
2023 marks the conclusion of his first novel “A day without date” published by the Albatros Il Filo Publishing House and the poetic collection “… and it’s raining, your own rain is raining” published in the same year. President of the jury, and juror of various literary awards, he is the creator of the poetry competition “Il senso d’Orfeo”, of the formats “Poets in the attic” and “L’eloquenza del frammento” of the Italian National Poets of which he is President. He was the founding father of the artistic/literary movement of Indicibilism, of which he published an official manifesto, “Indicibilismo e Melinconismo”, the latter founded by the poet Michele Gentile.

His latest novel A Day Without Date published by Albatros.
Sofia, a young violinist who graduated from the conservatory,
his time between home, working in an important museum and remember of a life that no longer exists.

After a terrible loss, the its existence seems almost suspended, as if unconsciously you were waiting for something to start flowing again. And this Something arrives, it arrives on a day like so many others, on a
bench in the park of Villa Borghese and his name is Ascanio, although, initially, for Sofia it will only be the “Disheveled”. Between passion and poetry, reality and fiction unfolds a story that, from a deep and dark abyss, he will bring Sofia back to the light.

With your imagination, with your heart, with a freshness that will leave you breathless, will make you feel good and will make you want to be the protagonists of that story, so real and magical at the same time… It doesn’t matter if there is no miracle pill, or if the person you have been waiting for since time immemorial will never come out of the pages you love… You won’t care that these things can never happen, you’ll just want to believe in them.

So close your eyes, and listen to love. Because love is like that, light, witty, fragile, but always wonderful.
It only takes a few pages to discover sad and happy sides of love, to probe this feeling in every detail. Francesco Pasqual guides us to discover the roots and implications of Ascanio’s feelings, the man who invites Sofia to share his journey, the one who does not pose other problems because love is never perfect, on the contrary, it is full of uncertainties, but it has a peculiarity: it is absolutely alive and it is for it that we live and continue to live.
How is love born? The author takes us to the origins of it, which is nothing more than the search for what is most beautiful for us. As a child it is an affection, usually parental or at least familial, but, as adults, this evolves into a deep and constructive feeling. The beginning of the love relationship is fundamental.

The moments that are soon lost and the lack of which leads us to look for others and so it is throughout life, full of moments of joy but also of painful losses. Through each page, the writer leads us to reflect: is love that particular feeling in which the law of “do ut des” applies? This is not the case, but each of us, in order to have confirmation from being loved, strives to give or at least to show the best of ourselves.

Pasqual doesn’t like this emotional spiral that reduces love to an exchange. How can we not agree with him? Ascanio, the beloved being, the man who always finds himself a little in the eye of the storm. The relationship between Sofia and Ascanio is also narrated in detail and she is often indulgent with him, because she loves him, but she does not discount herself and analyzes her every weakness, every failure.

They are small things but big in love, which is that feeling that goes beyond falling in love and passion that make our hearts beat faster.
Here are still more reflections and questions: do we love someone because they correspond to our desires? Does love change over time?

These are all questions that often cannot be answered, but which must absolutely be read because, for many of us, they are certainly very precious. However, the ending is a surprise and shows us a Sofia who has known another aspect of love: that for herself. That’s where we start again.

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