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A coffee for the murderer of Pamela Luidelli

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Pamela Luidelli lives with her family on Lake Maggiore, a source of inspiration for her
novels set in the imaginative village of Castel Lassù.
Between misadventures find time to travel and visit castles around Europe
Looking for a ghost to interview. He spends his days with the inseparable dog Arthur
In her study, immersed in books drinking too many cups of milk and tea, in the confident search for a story to tell.

This is her second novel starring Beatrice Testaccio.

A coffee for the murderer (published by Horti di Giano) is his latest literary effort, the sequel to a coffee for the victim,
But the writer does not stop here is in fact writing a mystery set in the world of boxing.
Beatrice Testaccio finds herself living in the small village of Castel Lassù, on Lake Maggiore where everyone knows everything and spends their time gossiping. Meanwhile, she runs the village bar with her aunt Tina, finds herself the ex-boyfriend who can’t stand at home and has to fight every day with her body a little too “in the flesh”, which generates insecurity. Despite this, our bartender is a volcano of energy and has an explosive character, so much so that everyone runs away when she is about to get angry: they know that it is better to stay away from her. But what most characterizes her is that inexplicable relationship she has with bad luck, which haunts her to the point of being suspected of murder since, coincidentally, He finds himself at the scene of the crime. The arrival in the small town of Ares Bacardi, a well-known singer in decline, upsets the balance to the point of bringing Beatrice in search of the solution of the case, doing it in her own way and clashing with Marshal Domiziano De Gai, in that intricate relationship of love and hate that she has with him. Through the yellow humor of Pamela Luidelli, This cozy mystery catapults us into the dynamics that fate has nicely plotted around the improvised bungling investigator.

The preface is edited by Lina Senserini.
The introduction by Gabriele Farina.
They are all to be read with taste and fun without exception, the mysteries of Pamela Luidelli.

Pamela Luidelli leads us to follow truly curious and original investigations. It investigates in search of the truth to dissolve what at first sight appear inexplicable mysteries, but however unlikely the truth the apparently simple plots, where the clues spring from the acute spirit of observation of Marshal Domiziano de Gai who never fails to surprise for his logic and his deductive spirit.

Yellow for those who are able to express feelings and feelings common to all ages, are also to the liking of the differently small: that is, adults who always carry a child inside.
A coffee for the murderer is a funny book, with a writing that slips pleasantly between hilarious jokes and comic-paradoxical situations and that, despite its apparent lightness, has a more serious implication.

The protagonist Beatrice Testaccio of whom we know actions and thoughts, finding her able to question herself, with the thoughts that, in this novel, screw on themselves. She has a quality that makes her sympathetic to the reader: she gets into trouble with incredible ease, sometimes knowing full well that she will run into trouble, others in good faith, subjected to a mocking fate.

A bit out of curiosity and then, to get rid of the accusations, Beatrice begins to investigate, finding herself involved in something she could never have imagined.
The author tells of a society divided between secrets and truth, between those who manage to get by, and those who try to find a new way and end up worse than before.

The narration is flowing and the characters appear funny and realistic, in fact it is difficult not to recognize oneself in some of the scenes described or not to identify, with this or that protagonist, some friend or colleague. Sarcastic, prickly.


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