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Monica Manzini was born and lives in Rome with her family.

She is a judicial graphologist registered with the Court of the Capital.

Together with her mother Santina she is a founding member of the Vivi la Vita Association committed to helping women in difficulty.

She has never abandoned her love for writing and this year she has tried her hand at “The Wings of Truth”.

Published by Youcanprint with the preface by Dr. Marino Collacciani, professor in Communication Sciences.

In May 2021, the remains of Sara Adelmi were found, a girl from the Parioli neighborhood who moved away from home in 1990, after sending a letter to her friend in which she informed her that she had decided to leave with a boy she had just met. The exponents who over the years have proposed the various theories are invited to the television lounge “Tze Tze”, led by the journalist Vittorio Mosca, to form a technical table and try to reconstruct the story in the light of the latest inlay introduced by the girl’s body . Among the guests in Moscow was an expert in graphology, a controversial discipline and always a laggard in forensic science, used to defending herself and having to patronize the subject it represents.

Animated by a strong passion as well as by an extreme empathy towards the protagonists of her investigations, going beyond the conflicts with the technicians and even trying to suture the individual hypotheses with a single thread, she is now more determined than ever to free the truth from that sheet. The inspiring engine of the book is the letter that Alessia Rosati, a young Roman who died in 1994 and was never found, sent to her friend before leaving home forever.

An elegant and intriguing novel, where the passion and competence of the author provides depth and teaching.
Women who have as many points in common as their differences.
With a vibrant and evocative handwriting, Monica Manzini shows us all the abjection that hides behind the lights and glitter of the capital. Told without reservations, it offers a look behind the scenes, without masks. The characters we go to meet are linked to each other by subterfuges, dark dynamics of addiction, made of chains and cages. Putting aside the background, he arranges the positions, assigns the roles for the impending tragedy and when the time comes to go on stage, the narrative becomes tense.

The novel is tinged with bright yellow and the structure of the narrative is also modified to visually signal the change of pace. Above the parts, Rome from the theater city of the events also rises to the title role of the chapters increasingly protagonist.
The amazing thing about this novel is that once you get to the truth, it doesn’t coincide with the final point.

Many reflections arise from this reading: on justice and the way of administering it, on the people who have the power and hold roles suitable for bringing the truth to the surface, as well as covering it up.

We are placed in front of underground games, made up of favors, threats, insults received and sent back to the sender.
A classy mystery that ends with a promise, a book to live.

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