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The concept of life is susceptible to various determinations with respect to society, the profession, the

external way of living and the means available to moral conduct often implies the idea of ​​extreme discomfort, often with specific reference to prostitution or the idea of ​​misery, vice and violence.

The personality is multifaceted, always, even when his knowledge, skills and interests are limited.
Obviously, the personality is always made up of an integrated set of aspects that represent its way of being and operating.
The ability to walk can be articulated in other abilities such as running, jumping and many others. Furthermore, every human being relates to others for example with the capacity for cooperation, solidarity, etc.
Individuals present themselves with different facets in relation to their interests, skills and knowledge. . At the same time, the versatility of life is an excellent metaphor to also represent the integration of the different dimensions of the personality.