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Happiness is the positive state of mind (sentiment) of those who consider their desires satisfied.

Happiness is undoubtedly a very demanding word and perhaps it is just a fleeting state of mind and that is why it has its timeless charm.

After all it is a small thing, which can be searched and found in the most unexpected and disparate places.

There is no recipe for happiness, but everyone wants to be happy and tries to run after him in order to reach it.

A commonplace is to think that it does not exist, it is just an illusion, which does not last long. Many others argue that happiness does exist.

In reality, the concept of happiness itself is so personal and subjective that it becomes very difficult to understand where the correct border line is.

Happiness can exist in a mother’s embrace, in a child’s smile, in the love of the people we love and love, or even in simpler things like a walk in nature.

Evidently there is no right answer.
I believe that one thing is certain, that is, that being happy does not mean living a life without problems, firstly because a life like this does not exist and then because probably if it did, there would still be moments of unhappiness.