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Fear is a primary emotion, which unites both mankind and the animal species.

It is caused by a situation of real danger, or anticipated by the forecast, due to memory or produced by fantasy. It is often accompanied by an organic type reaction, in which the autonomic nervous system is responsible, which prepares the organism for the emergency situation, even if in a non-specific way, by learning the defenses that usually result in fighting and fighting attitudes. leak.

In a society as complex as that of Italy (and beyond), it is now increasingly difficult to distinguish the reality of the facts from the perception of public opinion.

At this juncture, fear comes into play, even if created or induced by others, an engine that can push people’s decisions. In fact, it is much less reassuring to rely on real data, in fact many base their worldview on perception, thus creating a rift between what is true and what is believed to be true by most people.