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Water is the most abundant chemical compound on earth, it is found in all environments and is an integral part of all living organisms.

The quantity present on earth is immense, estimated at around 1200 billion tons. Our planet, in fact, is occupied for about 70% by water while only 30% is occupied by land.

Water is in constant motion through a cycle, called the “water cycle”, which still today man tries to regulate and control for his own needs.
When it finally comes to us, it is enriched with all the chemicals and mineral salts that it has dissolved in the earth and rocks through which it has passed.

Most of our body is made up of water. It is the main ingredient of the blood, of our cells and accounts for about 65% of our body weight.

Water is essential for our health: drinking water serves to keep our organs healthy and to replace the fluids we lose through breathing, sweat and digestion.