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The show

The show is a performance prepared by a group through rehearsals and made public in front of another group of people, who have gathered specifically to watch it, thus becoming spectators.
In a more strictly theatrical sense, it is the realization of the work that the actors have prepared during rehearsals under the direction of the director. The elements that build the show are the dramatic text (the drama), the verbal recitation of the actors, their stage movement and choreography, the scenography with lights, music and sound elements.
In a broader sense, we also mean all those occasions in which someone presents to others an action that involves ‘artistic’ skills: the performance of musical pieces sung and / or played, dance and various activities, pantomime, or truly spectacular.
In the world of representation today an English term is often used: performance. It is often used to a greater extent, both in reference to artistic productions and theoretical studies in the sociological and cultural field.
Where the group tells about itself and to itself; characterized by its duplicity: acting, which becomes a form of reflection. Theater, by its very nature, is the most vital and lasting form of performances.