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What is amazement, perhaps an emotion.

An inner state of arousal or extreme pleasure accompanied by some physiological reactions.

Someone says that amazement is when something happens to you that you do not expect and that makes you escape from everyday life.

Have you ever felt amazement in your life?

Perhaps it is easier to be amazed by bad things than by good ones.

It is perhaps that the amazement is that someone sees where you do not see and does it with gratuitousness and love.

Amazement distorts the normal course of things, shows us something that we hadn’t taken into account, that goes beyond our expectations.

It does not belong to our knowledge, it is not placed in our mental habits.

It can arouse positive or negative emotions in us but it is still the full flow of what is and happens, regardless of the fact that it blows us away.

Something new that did not even lodge in our imagination.