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Only apparently do we travel with the physical body. I do not want to be misunderstood: I do not deny the pleasures and the beauty that we feel while traveling, the wonders we caress with our eyes, the delicacies we hear with the palate, the sounds of tongues that gently penetrate our ears …

You meet with new cultures, with new languages, sounds, customs, habits, foods, means of transport, hotels, hostels, understand new things, discover new things, see the same things in a different form, and also things different with the same shape … but above all the real encounter is the one with ourselves.

Everything is transformed. It’s true, they told us at school, they explained it to us and repeated it, yet … we find it so hard to understand it.

It seems to us that everything should last indefinitely. But nothing lasts forever, and this apparent death of things is nothing but a transformation, a rebirth.