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The time

One of the many questions that continue to have no answer is that of time. What is time? Is time something absolute or is it something subjective? If there were no life, would it still exist? Since ancient Greece, man has constantly questioned what the true meaning of time is, whether it really exists or whether it is a fictitious illusion created by man. Time is the dimension in which the passing of events is conceived and measured. It induces the distinction between past, present and future.

First, however, it should be said whether the time is always the same and the answer that is very often given is no. It wouldn’t seem the same. Just think of when we are at school and when we go out: at school it seems that the hours never pass and when we have fun it seems the opposite, that time flies away. We therefore have a different conception of time, a psychological conception and the soul can be defined as its unity. This would lead to the assertion that time is subjective and that it depends on the sensations or perceptions of each one.