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Summer is associated with fun, walks, outdoor sports to enjoy the sun, replenish vitamin D and enjoy a hot day, especially for those who can only live it for three months.

However, despite its advantages, it also has its drawbacks as high temperatures and low rainfall lead to fertile soils, desert vegetation and forest fires.

In addition, in humans there is a greater exhaustion of the body, so they need to rest and hydrate constantly, especially small children.

Sun, fun, and a lot of relaxation: summer is the most awaited and most desired season, the “magical” season, characterized by lightheartedness and joy, the one where new friendships are made, maybe, who knows, true loves blossom.

Dives in crystal clear waters, golden tans, bonfires on the beach, walks, excursions in the open air, but also more time for yourself, to devote to your hobbies and passions … summer offers unforgettable moments, which you wish would never end !

But it still allows you to switch off, to recharge after a year of work or study, and to resume the daily routine of your life tempered in body and spirit.