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‘Are those who say that there are 300,000 colors, some even 3 million. In short, the colors are many, but scientists have not yet decided an exact number, because each of us perceives a different number of colors than another. And females see more colors than males.

Ah, you will think, that’s why, for example, blue is blue for males, while for females there is dark blue, light blue, light blue, light blue …

Were the colors born first or the eyes to see them? Colors first! They existed even before there were living beings capable of distinguishing them, that is, before life appeared on Earth. But today the world is much more colorful than it once was. And this really depends on the fact that there are eyes that can see colors.

It seems strange? Let’s try to think of one thing: the colors are colored because they serve to attract pollinating insects. In short, the color of the flowers helps plants to have more chances to reproduce. The color of animals also has a reason. There are colors that are used to attract the females or males of the species and colors that are used to blend in, to ambush or escape predators.