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A coffee for the victim of Pamela Luidelli When I die you bring a coffee so maybe i will resurrect

Pamela Luidelli lives on Lake Maggiore with her family and her beloved dog.

Passionate about travel and medieval castles, she never misses an opportunity to tour Europe.

A lover of nature and animals, she is a supporter of the Onlus Donkey Refuge and a FAI member.

In addition to loving the theater, she is a devourer of books, especially thrillers, noir, fantasy and historical.

Currently he has published his first novel, A coffee for the victim published by the publishing house Ali Ribelli.

After losing her parents, her job and leaving her boyfriend, Beatrice decides to make a change in her life.

He then leaves his beloved Rome to move to a village of five thousand souls on Lake Maggiore where he buys a bar that has been closed for some time.

Thanks to this location she meets authentic and bizarre characters who will soon become attached to her

All but one business rival, Annunciata Albume, owner of a patisserie.

In the village, life seems to pass quietly until one of the students, who frequents the bar, named Rosa is found dead in a wood owned by the count of the castle.

An inscription with the name of the bar is found on the victim and the protagonist is immediately suspected by the new marshal of the town, De Gai.

Besides professing to be innocent, Beatrice will have to deal with her past that returns to haunt her and the misfortune that puts her in grotesque situations.
It is a captivating novel, devoid of frills or superfluous parts: it slips, page after page, with incredible strength, which begins slyly, but manifests itself throughout the book, capturing the reader.

The narrative threads intertwine, leading the reader towards a simple and scrupulous reading at the same time.

The author works a magic, weaves her canvas that is comfortable, bewitching, sweet and moving.

A coffee for the victim is emotion, sensation, listening and welcoming.

It is not my habit to go into the plot because it is waiting to be discovered and I would not want to deprive the reader of the surprises and emotions that this novel reserves.

The novel is narrated with a precise language, punctuated by tension and interspersed with light pauses, so as to create a narrative fabric on which the reader feels perfectly at ease and can devote himself to the development of the plot without fear of linguistic pitfalls or jams in the flow. of the images.

Just images, not words, because the excellent storytelling style is capable of disappearing and giving way to real images that each one shapes in their own way, and ensure a certain three-dimensionality to the narrated. The narrative level is intersected by multiple timelines, among which there is no shortage of tangles or solutions bitten with easy expedients. Quite the contrary, Pamela Luidelli builds her universe, made up of people, facts and places, and maneuvers it perfectly, wise director of a story that appears simple, but becomes more and more complicated with the addition of new elements, up to the final solution, unexpected and brilliant as in the best mystery tradition.

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