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Exit from the Matrix the apparent labyrinth of Claudio Mario Cherubini

Amazed, foolish, out of tune, strange, wonderful.
The life.

After gaining a solid experience in the banking world, at the end of 1985 he accepted an interview with Fideuram, intrigued by the profession of Financial Advisor then still little known.

In 1986 he became a Financial Advisor.

In 1991 he met Azimut and it was immediately “Love”. He then left Fideuram for Azimut, a company for which he worked until 2014, the year of his retirement.

Keen for years to write a book to share what he had the opportunity to learn, having more time available in 2017 he managed to realize this dream by publishing his first book: “Everything I need is already within me. ! ” which received an excellent reception from readers and critics.

He loves reading, training and everything he deems useful for his personal growth and for the journey inside and outside himself.

In December 2021, he published the second book with Youcanprint, with the same purpose as the first: to help everyone, including himself, to grow, to eliminate suffering from everyone’s lives and to find the natural state of well-being that is a right for everyone. birth.

Everyone has experienced, at least sometimes in their life, an “inexplicable” event: a dream that then came true; a premonition; an object lost and found in a place where it shouldn’t have been; a phrase overheard by chance that offers the answer to a nagging question.
Sometimes chance plays tricks on us and we find ourselves living in situations that we cannot classify. Events that, not knowing how to interpret, leave us questions and doubts.
We are no longer in the Middle Ages, we are all on average intelligent, cultured, rational, we have an explanation for (almost) everything, but in a corner of our mind there remains a doubt that no one can answer with certainty: what is “beyond”? Where by “beyond” we mean anything that goes beyond what we experience and feel with the five senses. A god (whatever the creed), an extrasensory, a contact with the before and after the parenthesis of life.
Well, in this book we find no dogmas, there are no answers, no imposed truths. Only a collection of personal experiences lived and told with delicacy, modesty and sensitivity, with the only desire to open one’s heart and share something that has all its strength in the inexplicable.

You can very well read this work thinking that it is all the result of chance, and even thinking of it in this way, it is still interesting how “chance” has helped many people in moments of objective difficulty.

Within us are two entities: the consciousness that constantly feeds us with information through our senses and our intellect and the observer, buried deep behind the first, who has the ability to look, to step back and observe, dispassionately, everything that is projected on the screen of our minds. This is the great wisdom that underlies much of the new thinking about consciousness: that there are, in fact, two of us, one out of control, living the daily dramas, and one timeless and immortal, the true river of consciousness from to which our every life flows as a tributary.
Life is, of course, process. The author is convinced that our ability to develop consciousness is just like our capacity for physical development. Some people are particularly suited to developing Olympic-quality physicists, others of us are capable of achieving transcendent awareness through spiritual development.
It is a book to read calmly, without haste, it leaves us at times perplexed, at times incredulous, at times doubtful, but never indifferent, for this reason it should be savored, reserving a proper pause for reflection.
Sincerely advised, whether you are skeptical or agnostic, atheist or believer, you will still have some material to ponder and come to the conclusion you prefer.

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