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Tatiana Fomina was born in Belarus, where she lived for a few years until her father had to move, with his whole family, to work as a specialist in a new factory opened in Ukraine.

He lives his childhood and difficult adolescence in the communist era in a state of unhappiness and profound dissatisfaction; ever since then he showed his sensitive and authentic nature.

Books filled his inner world.

She left her homeland very young and moved to Italy where she currently lives.

Perfect your writing technique.

Ymani is the first book of the Survivors trilogy and it is his first work published with the La Zisa publishing house in this year, with the “careful” preface by Pierandrea Mirino.

The creation of a virus in the laboratory, the result of the alienation of a scientist disgruntled by the failure of his marriage, has completely changed the fate of humanity. Eighty years after the disaster, a young boy, Zac, in the company of his friend Tati, travels across Europe to get to Moscow, the city where it all began. Their aim is to find out the truth about what has happened, what has changed society so drastically and whether it is still possible to intervene. Following a series of unforeseen events and meetings, Zac and the other comrades arrive at the institute where young scientists are trying to remedy the disaster planned by Professor Zubov. In facing this adventure, the characters of the story will have to grow, change their beliefs, in an obligatory confrontation with themselves and with others, which will lead them to unexpected choices and new awareness and a new interpretation of their society.

The story is fictional, of course.
The rest of the plot is intuitive, but it is not said for reasons of surprise: good tension, good narrative findings, sufficient depth of the characters.

From the very first pages, the reader is forced to read without interruption and, at the same time, very pleasant.

Science fiction is a very broad genre of international literary production, with insights that proliferate more and more as technological development accelerates in the real world. A genre straddling fantasy and scientific reliability that embraces social, political and individual themes and which is almost always a starting point for profound reflections on everything that surrounds us. In this novel, the author has tried to include some cornerstones of the genre, without neglecting more modern exponents.

In this book you will find both the most explicit reasons for why we recommend the novel, and an indication of the possible ideal recipients of the same.

The dialogues are simple and direct, the descriptions are good and the individual characters are well characterized.
An ending that takes nothing for granted, that this is only the first chapter of a long adventure?