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Angela Torri was born in Rome and has always shown a strong attraction for nature, growing up in the shadow of a peasant grandfather who fueled this passion. The name of Ricciaspersa, due to her rebellious curls and her restlessness, draws her features, also providing the title for this first work. She studied languages, lived and worked in London, traveled the world as an Alitalia flight attendant and traveler. Passionate about sports and mountains, she dedicates herself to the vertical, experimenting with it through multiple activities, climbing, canyoning, mtb, ice, mountaineering and climbing several 4000. Cash register integrated in 2008, she reinvents herself by becoming a publicist. She works as a press officer, translates and gives language lessons. He has written about Montagna for a local magazine and for the magazine of the C.A.I. Montagne 360 ​​°, as founding member of the association “Stefano Zavka” of Terni, was one of the creators of the mountain cinema and exploration festival “Vette in Vista”, to whose realization in the role of press officer and presenter she collaborated for many years. He participated in several broadcasts of local broadcasters, dealing with issues related to the mountains and disability. He lives in the hills between Terni and Spoleto where he cultivates olive trees and delights in writing.

Angela Torri publishes in 2020 with Alternative Literature Edizioni Ricciaspersa.

“Ricciaspersa” is a nickname that draws the author’s traits and personality. But it is also an anthology of short writings in which thoughts and feelings are brought into focus with grace, lightness and depth in a collection of short stories from which the wanderings of a restless soul emerge. The desire to tell and tell about oneself becomes urgent, always poised on the border between public and private.

As soon as I saw the title I had love at first sight! I must say that my expectations have not been disappointed.

The author gives a voice to many characters: there are secrets, sweet memories with the flavor of a dream. Everything, from the most difficult episodes to the carefree ones. It is told with lightness and precision. Few, very few brushstrokes to outline a picture. In this way we arrive in a flash at the end of each story, wanting, urgently, to read another one.

There are many themes that Angela Torri manages to reveal in these very few pages: real forays into the everyday life of strangers that we feel we know.

Daily life narrated in an original and engaging way. I perceived a thread of melancholy in all the stories and once the book was closed I was sorry to abandon the characters.
I didn’t think I could enjoy such short stories so much. Instead, the author is very good at using and measuring words. It struck me that it was a debut because it sounds like a more mature voice.

They are stories all started with a quick narrative rhythm, with a realistic and meticulous cut. And they are carvings of real life.

A collection of real life stories.
People so different from each other transport the reader among their most disparate memories.
A collection of short stories that I would dare to call “out of the ordinary”, but in the good sense of a new literary experience and certainly worth trying.
Although the diversity of the various protagonists is wide, the same thing unites them: the desire to teach something, to be even just a small life lesson, for those who are reading between those carefully written lines and where there is a correct use of the language, error free. The brevity of the stories also guarantees a smooth and fast reading to spend a few hours in good company.

An excellent book for those who want to get closer to the world of short stories, for those looking for convincing but short stories and for those who want to discover new voices. You will not be disappointed.