Who I am

I was born in Rome, I'm a professional journalist, I write and review books

Donne in... e dentro la storia

La vera dimenticanza

Personaggi alla ricerca della pistola fumante

Un amore di poesia

2 june Republic day

The Italian Republic Day is held on 2 June. The Italian flag is made up of 3 colors: green like the hope of a better world, white like

Mother’s day

The mother is a fundamental figure in the life of all of us. However, it is often difficult to express our feelings. Mother's Day is a great opportunity


I would like to wish everyone a happy Easter, which renews hope in hearts and allows those who have long lost it to find a smile again. Easter

Men and women

We could begin by saying that equality between men and women is certainly based on the fundamental principle of the equality of all human beings, implying the questioning